Josh Branson


Spence Field

“The Smokies Bury Their Secrets” “A good tracker knows to look for the white. Always look for white. That bright white leads you to fresh tracks, new breaks in twigs, scuff marks. Things that lead you to people.” – Dwight McCarter, man-tracker

On June 14, 1969 six year old Dennis Martin disappeared from Spence Field.  Dennis was out of sight of his family and friends for no more than 3-5 minutes when he vanished.  The search and rescue that followed was marred by complications from torrential rainstorms, fog, and lack of organization during the search. The Dennis Martin case changed search and rescue, not only in the Great Smoky Mountains, but in all the parks throughout the U.S. Despite the massive rescue effort consisting of more than 1,400 people saturating the area, no trace of Dennis Martin was ever found.